Job: Supervisor

Title Supervisor
Categories Teh Tarik Place Klang Parade
Salary RM 1300 – 2500
Location Klang Parade
Job Information

For Opening Shift, he / she are responsible to ensure all opening procedures are done perfectly to ensure business operation on that day will run smoothly.

For Closing Shift, he / she are responsible to ensure all closing procedures are done perfectly to ensure business operation on the following day will not face any difficulty.

A Shift Supervisor’s kitchen, alert and detail skills could determine whether his / her operation shift will success or fail. Therefore, it is important to choose a Shift Supervisor among those who are committed, discipline, alert, team player, detail, independence and influential.

A Shift Supervisor must always:

  • Be at outlet during working hours; unless with proper reason.
  • Be the first person to arrive at the restaurant during opening; and the last person to leave the restaurant after closing.
  • Share information and update about restaurant operation with Manager.
  • Understand how a Teh Tarik Place restaurant operation / system work.
  • Ensure all food & beverage preparation & servings are according to manuals.
  • Master 5 stations’ skills: Cook, Hot Plate, Barista, Cashier & Server.
  • Be on standby and capable to replace any staff at any stations; if needed.
  • Understand all stations staffs’ tasks; and able to remind staff to perform those tasks.
  • Able to do documentation preparation.
  • Aware / answerable to all matters happening in the restaurant.
  • Forbid giving away free food to anyone.
  • Stop outsiders from going into back-of-house area at all time; unless with proper reason.
  • Ensure no alcohol / drug / non-halal products in kitchen or restaurant areas.
  • Ensure all staffs wear complete uniform set properly during operation hours.
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